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5 Tips To Help You Get Hired as a Bodyguard

5 Tips to Help You Get Hired as a Bodyguard

bodyguard in afghanistanIf you thought becoming a bodyguard required nothing special such as certifications to that show you passed in high school education then you are totally wrong and the truth is that you won’t be the first to have this misconception. In fact there are many people out there who look down on this profession because of what they think about it but in actual sense, it is quite a reputable profession that can earn you good money if you put in efforts to ensure that you do everything as required. True, you will have to undergo tiresome training in which you will be taught on various things to do in certain situations and how to overcome them but in the end it will all be worth it. All this will happen while still keeping in mind that your main purpose is to guard the client. You will therefore have to balance everything and even forget about your welfare so that your client will be safe and sound. Doing all this isn’t as simple as it may sound. For you to be able to work hand in hand with personal protection dogs and ensure that VIP protection is your major priority, you need to have some insight on what to do and to have some discipline. In short, things will be quite tough and you might need some help.

1) Be keen about academics

Well, not many people think that good grades are a must for you to become a bodyguard. In fact in most cases people assume that they are probably those people who never did quite well in school but this isn’t the case because if you think about it critically, these bodyguards usually have to do lots of judgment before they can come up with effective actions to take. This will thus require them to have been well equipped with some of the basic skills that are taught in school and as the professionalism increases, one also needs to have done well in school. If you simply stopped learning immediately after high school then the kind of position that you get may not be the same as someone who went to college. VIP protection actually requires people who can be able to reason quick and provide solutions to the current situations that they are in. This is because the culprits in most cases will usually come with their own plans on how to paralyze the defenses and achieve their purpose. This will require the bodyguards to have an insight on how they think and without going through school, it would almost be impossible to do all this within just a few minutes. This applies to most types of guards out there.

2) Fitness

This, unlike education is more obvious because the kind of job that you are heading into will require some amount of energy and skill that will make you a suitable candidate. Most of the time, a bodyguard’s work is usually demanding and fitness will thus be an important factor. If you currently don’t have the kind of fitness that you think will make you to be hired as a bodyguard then you should start practicing now. You can do this by making sure that you work out at least everyday. You can go for some light jogging in the morning and in the evening you can decide to head out to the gym and practice for not more than two hours. It will only take some months before you are in good shape so that you will be hired immediately you’re spotted. Even though bodyguard courses don’t require people who are all that strong and fit, you shouldn’t also ignore the fact that the training is for your own good because apart from protecting the client, you’ll also be protecting yourself against being harmed.

3) Experience

Bodyguard courses will in most cases take everyone regardless of whether you have some experience in the field or not but in cases where there are more than two people who want to be bodyguards with one of them being someone from the military and the other being a doctor, the person from the military will be given first priority because of the experience that he has. You too can decide to gain some experience in this field so that you can increase your chances of being hired as a bodyguard but the downside of this is that you will be required to use some extra funds so that you can be successful. First things first, there are many private training schools out there that will teach you various skills such as professional driving, or martial arts. Knowing some of the skills that are being taught in these institutions will make you a better candidate for getting hired as a bodyguard. You should therefore consider knowing something about these skills prior to thinking about becoming a bodyguard.

4) Become a guard

Before enrolling in a bodyguard course, it would be advantageous to become a normal guard before finally becoming a personal protection officer. You can decide to be a mall officer so that you’ll gain some little knowledge about what you’ll be getting into. Be sure that you also get certification for doing these professions so that when you finally want to apply to become a bodyguard, you will have higher chances of being considered.

5) Know how to handle firearms

You will need to know some but of information about firearms so that you can easily be accepted into this kind of profession. Even though you will be taught on how to use the firearms, it would be good to first of all teach yourself. If you are someone from the army, you will automatically be considered because apart from working in similar conditions to the ones you are going to face when you become a bodyguard, knowing how to handle firearms will be an added advantage. This too might require you to have some extra funds so as to cater for the expenses you’ll meet.


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