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SIA Security Guard Training Courses

SIA Security Guard and Door Supervisor Training Courses

What is a SIA licensed security guard?

SIA security guard training courseThe Security Industry Authority, also known as SIA, is the only institution that can give you the accreditation to work as a bodyguard; there is a law regarding this and if your work without the certificate you could even be arrested. A SIA licensed security guard is a professional body guard, well trained and attested. If hired, he should be able to provide quality services and a very trustworthy protection.

What is a door supervisor’s job?

As a door supervisor you will get the unique chance to work in luxurious, entertaining location, such as hotel, clubs, restaurants, nightclubs and so on. You will either interact with everybody that enters or exits the facility or just make sure that everything is going around smoothly. You will have to settle conflicts, if they occur, and make sure that each person that enters is on an invitation list or suitable for that place. You will provide a pleasant, comfortable and safe atmosphere for everybody. You will also make sure that nobody is breaking any laws and you should greet every single person both when they arrive and when they leave. All in all, perfect order should be maintained under your watch.

What training does the course consist of?

The Security Industry Authority is very strict about the training you have to take in order to become a door supervisor. The course consists of many different classes, each of them spread across a different number of days and hours.

First of all, you will learn the basic facts of this job. This class will last for ten hours, from which five have to be contact time. It also consists of six modules, such as learning the proper laws in order to correctly apply them, safety and health during working hours, the fire safety drill, the different emergency procedures, the customer care procedures as well as some communication and diplomacy skills.

The second class will teach you how to settle a conflict in the most diplomatic way possible. It has for modules and duration of eight hours, seven and a half of which have to be contact time. You will learn how to reduce your personal risk and avoid a conflict, how to defuse one, what is there to learn about a conflict and how to resolve it and some emergency procedures. You will also be required to know some basic conflict management and have a communication skill.

You will then learn the art of fight, for when the time comes, you should be prepared. There will be extensive studies of the physical skills you should have, how to disengage in different ways as well as some techniques that will teach you how to escort clients that behave in an inappropriate manner. This class will take ten hours of your time.

The final class is maybe the most important one and will teach you how to be a professional body guard in the industry of door supervision. It will last for ten hours, all of them contact ones. There will be eight modules, consisting of criminal and civil law, some standards regarding behavior, arresting, drug use awareness; you will also learn what to do in case of an emergency.

These contact times I keep talking about means the time you spend with an instructor or a professional, in order to achieve the information that you need

How much is a training course and where can I take it?          

You should know that the prices for a SIA security guard training course certificate can vary from company to company, depending on the state or country that you live in. There are different prices if you pay online, if you pay in advance or on the day the course begins. For example, if you live in UK you will have to pay between 150 and 210 pounds if you make an early booking and between 170 and 230 pounds on the starting day, depending on your city. You should also know that all of these fees include the exam tax.

Your can take this training course in many centers around the country; you just have to find the one that is closest to you.

What jobs can I get with the help of the SIA Security Guard Training course?

After taking this course, passing the exam and getting your certificate you will be able to hire as a door supervisor wherever you want to. For example, you can work in a hotel or an office building, if you want to have a quieter job or choose between nightclubs, a casino, a bar and so on. It is up to you to choose between all these options. Make up your mind, send your CV to many places and you will be able to get hired in no time.



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