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Advance Security Teams

What are Advance Security Teams and what do they do?

Advance Security TeamsIt is vital for important people to always be protected when travelling, whether it is in their own country or abroad. When travelling for the first time to a place or when going to conflict areas there is always the need for an Advance Security Team. The specialist can provide you with a detailed plan and conduct a very extensive research in order for a safe business experience. They can work in very different environments, regardless of the conditions and they can inspect various facilities before you enter them. The companies in charge of Advance Security Teams can provide bodyguard courses, celebrity bodyguards, personal protection dogs and even personal protection training.

The main objective for an Advance Security Team is to offer you safety when you are travelling. Their bodyguards will make sure that you arrive at your destination with a full confidence. The roles of the members of such a team can change from assignment to assignment, that is why they are professionals, with an extensive body guarding training. For example, some of their duties might include the knowledge on how to come out with plans for routing and travel in order to insure safety, how to develop second plans in case of an emergency, how to make an assessment regarding the threats or risk that you might be exposed to. They can also check if the hotel or other accommodation option has the right standards and facilities for you as well as check you booking. An Advance Security Team could also sterilize and debug rooms prior to your arrival and make sure that everything will be on time and ready to offer you all the comfort and safety that you might need.

Why should I hire an Advance Security Team?       

You should hire one of these teams for you own protection, as well as your loved ones. You may never know where you might find trouble and they are specialized in getting you out of it. They will be able to do various jobs for you, from providing you with nonstop surveillance to booking your flights, renting and checking your car for you and making sure that your accommodation is suitable. They can also offer covert surveillance over high risk areas and come up with escape plans.

They are trained to do everything to keep you safe and sound.

How should my Advance Security Team be like?

First of all, you should make sure that they are very experienced and have lots of training in different areas. They should be able to offer you a portfolio as well as examples of their previous work. Make sure they have protected a “big name” celebrity and that they aren’t making their first experience while working with you. Do not settle with a confidentiality agreement answer. You can discreetly notice if they have or don’t some big references. Also, be sure that they can be included in your lifestyle. They should not get noticed as security people, but just normal friends of yours.

You should also take into consideration a company that knows and has experience with your surroundings – city, country, places that you are about to visit. You don’t want them to get lost while trying to save you from an attack.

Another important thing is the attitude the members of the team will have towards you. They should respect you and your decisions. Make sure that they are well trained in the art of diplomacy and they won’t be looking for a fight at the first sign of trouble. A good company should have heterogeneous teams, with members qualified in various fields of work. They should include bodyguards, covert surveillance experts, masters of disguise, technical geniuses as well as well prepared biologist. All of these things are required in order for your protection to be a complete one, with every type of threat prevented.

There are many companies that can offer you the services of an Advance Security Team. You just have to find the right one for you. Ask around, search for testimonials and even ask directly about their references.

Who uses Advance Security Teams?

There are various people that really need to hire an Advance Security Team while travelling to another city or to another country. They can be models, celebrities, music talents, corporate executives or even dignitaries.

They might not be able to always hide their destinations and we all know how paparazzi are: looking for any chance to catch a glimpse of them. But there are also other dangerous people out there. People that might plan a murder, a terrorist attack and so on. That is why important, rich people always travel with their Advance Security Team around.


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