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How to become a bodyguard in New York

bodyguard in New York

The security business is big for a bodyguard in New York. Why is security in New York a big issue? The state of New York is one of the biggest financial hubs in the United States and in the world and thus there is a lot of money that is in play in the state. Also there are many highly valued businessmen and celebrities that reside in the state.

The increased terrorism threat has also led to the rise in the demand for security. In the state of New York includes the more convectional security guard and personal protection services.

The increased demand has seen a lot people going into this line of business as it has a lot to offer. So how do you become a bodyguard in New York? This is not very simple as it seems. There are a lot of conditions and regulations that have to be met for a person to be certified to become a bodyguard. It will also need a lot of investment on the part of the jobseeker as there is training that has to be undergone for you to become a basic security guard while to be certified into a more specialized kind of bodyguard you have to go through the relevant training.

The beauty of becoming a bodyguard in New York is there are many other things which you could do apart from the primary goal of personal security like administration, finance or even become a private investigator.

How to get a license

You need to get a license to start practising in this job and it will involve going through the following:

Bodyguard Training

There are various schools which teach the various crafts involved in the profession. For a school to teach this they have to get a certification from the New York state Division of Criminal Justice Service so as to ensure a certain standard is met in the industry.

As a start one has to go through the basic training which normally takes about less than 2 weeks. The basic stuff will include things such as first aid which is very important in life death situations. With this kind of training you could apply for the license.

While this basic training will get you a job being more qualified will also earn you a better paying job. This is due to the fact that people tend to trust more qualified people than less qualified people.

By being more qualified it goes along the line of learning hand to hand combat and disarming assailants, precision driving and handling of fire arms. The training has to be completed for the person to be deemed legible to apply the license.

Application of the license

When the training is done the person has to apply for a license. The New York state laws require that for an unarmed bodyguard one has to:

  • Have undergone 8 hours of pre-assignment which includes an introductory course and must submit the proof of successful completion of the same.
  • Must have underwent as 16hour on the job training which includes the relevant duties and met the requirements of the worksite and needs of the employer and must successfully complete this training within 90days of employment
  • And 8 hours of the same service annually after the completion of the 16 hours on the job training thereafter.

For an armed bodyguard on has to undergo and fulfil the above requirements and in addition have this other two requirements:

  • Have 47 hours of firearms course and must present a certificate to show the successful completion of the training when applying for issuance of an armed guard registration card.
  • And 8 hours of Annual firearms course every year after the completion of the 47 hours that is required within the first year.

The certificate of completion from the training school will then be attached to your application form which will have to be presented to the New York State. As part of the application you will have to submit your fingerprints with your application. This is to check if you have a previous criminal record which disqualifies you from being given a licence. A processing fee of 35 dollars has to be paid to the New York department of state.

It is very advisable to make copies of all the forms that you have to present for your records. The application may take up to 4-5 weeks to process but you can start working without the license though you have to call the state and confirm that your application has been assigned a unique id which will eventually become your licence number.

The law allows a person to hire you with this unique ID and you will receive your license in form of a card which will bear your DMV picture.


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