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How to become a bodyguard in Iraq

bodyguard in iraq

With the wake of the American – Iraq war there has been a massive increase in insecurity in the country. Thus leading to an increase in people wanting a bodyguard in Iraq. This has led to a major increase in the security sector particularly in the personal protection segment. The fact that this war was waged it become a put off for many people to venture into the business either the native or the expatriates for the fear of their lives.

This state of lawlessness has led to increased deaths and abductions of people especially in the business world, Aid workers or the high value targets. So why there is increase in the demand of the bodyguard in Iraq? The simple reason is that there is more demand for bodyguards than there is the supply into the industry. The supply shortage is due to the challenges that the personal protection officers in Iraq faces. This has led to the people seeking such services offering hefty pay packages to the few who dare enter into the business.

There has also been an increase in foreign security companies venturing into the Iraqi market as they offer the service of providing personal protection to the clients who will be willing to fork out the price. Through them thy will provide the avenue for connecting an aspiring bodyguard to a potential client.

This is will be easy to those who feel that they are up to the task and have the relevant training to be good bodyguards.

Bodyguard in Iraq

Training is done by certified schools at a fee. You will have to undergo various training to be able to get a license as a practising bodyguard. Especially when going to a high risk area like Iraq you will have to be adequately equipped with more than just the basic training.

Most people tend to entrust their lives to people who are very qualified in this profession. People who succeed much better are normally those with previous military expertise, martial arts and good drivers. This will come as a plus for you as you can double up as a driver and personal protection agent.

The key thing that is taught in these schools is to perform your primary goal which is to protect your principal while you do not draw attention to yourself which could be quite risky. Also foreign languages are taught to the bodyguard so as to make sure he can communicate with the client.

For those who wish to become an armed bodyguard in Iraq they must undergo a mandatory training on how to handle the firearms. In some environments it will not be necessary but when going to a place where guns are easily available you will need also to pack up too.

Some training will also involve the training and handling of personal protection dogs which can be used to sniff out the presence of guns and bombs planted to bring harm to the client.

Bodyguard Physical Fitness

Some of the clients that you might be serving might like to travel a lot while some may be the partying type who will engage you till in the early morning hours and you can only leave once you have been relieved from duty. For you to be able to cope with the busy schedules and very erratic activity of the client you will have to be very physically in shape to make sure that you are not fatigued easily. Also you as the body guard should maintain a healthy life as your health could be a detriment to the life of security to the principal.

Once you are done with your training it will have to apply for a license from the state that you belong to. A background check will have to be taken to make sure that you are not disqualified by a previous criminal record. If you are disqualified then you can’t join this industry as a professional but if you qualify you will be given a license once the application is processed.

To start serving you will have to apply for a job as a bodyguard in the various companies that run security services in the country. This is because it will be much simpler for you as they have the available network to get you a job. As said earlier there is a high demand for personal protection officers in Iraq thus an opening should be available for you easily.

The beauty of working as a bodyguard is that you can continue to build you network of clients which can be good for you when you finally decide to go it on your own. If you hold an addition university or college degree you can specialize in areas such as administration where a client can engage you in such activities which could be rewarding to you in terms of better pay packages.



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