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Covert Surveillance Training

What is the covert surveillance training and what will my job be?

Covert Surveillance TrainingThis training is aiming to teach how to watch certain people, events or buildings without being noticed, while undercover. You can then work as a private investigator, a security consultant, a housing association bodyguard, a local authority and much more. You will be taught how to be a proficient operator of surveillance and how to remain stealthy while doing it. This course consists of realistic exercises, structured and controlled. You will be provided with all the equipment that you need and be only assisted by professionals.

What does the training consist of?

There are many types of courses that you can choose from, such as mobile and foot surveillance, electronic surveillance, advanced surveillance both in the countryside and in cities, photography and witness training. If you work in the military, you should know that there is also a special military surveillance training that you can use in hostile areas. The duration of the training varies between one day and two weeks, depending on what skills you should acquire. For example, in the advanced surveillance course you will learn all there is to know about the procedures and techniques used in covert surveillance. It teaches all that the basic surveillance course contains and much more. It is specially design for those who must conduct covert surveillance on a daily basis, both on foot and with the use of a car. The photography course will teach you the basic techniques of using a digital still camera or a video camera in order to obtain some photographic evidence. The intelligence training will provide you with the skills to find certain intelligence and information from the Internet, while the electronic surveillance course will give you the basic information about surveillance equipment – what to purchase, how to install it and how to safely use it.

The military surveillance training for body guards is specially conducted for those who have to gather sensitive information from war zones. It will provide basic, intermediate and advanced courses, of 12 weeks in total. After this you will learn about counter surveillance and ways in which you can prevent an enemy surveillance as well as ways in which you will be able to recognize your targets.

You can take this course regardless of your knowledge level – it is even easier for you to learn something from scratch, you won’t have any bad practices or habits. You won’t need a driver’s license, for the course mainly teaches you how to work in two people teams.

Trainings are usually conducted with no more than eight students in order for all of you to properly learn all the required skills. Some companies also offer you the possibility to customize your training so that it fits your needs.

What will it cost me and where could I take the training course?

The cost will depend on the type of the training that you are taking as well as the provided equipment. There are many companies that can provide you with the necessary training, as well as equipment and accommodation. You will be able to stay at the training site for the course but you will have to pay extra for it. The price for the accommodation usually ranges between 25 pounds and 60 pounds per night. If you book your room with 21 days in advance, you can usually receive a discount.

The courses have various prices and they include all the training facilities, equipment, fuel and vehicles. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will not be included in the price and you will have to bring your own suitable clothes.

Make sure to choose a company that will provide you with many types and courses and different environments. You can take what course you want, regardless of your previous experience. The prices range from about 170 pounds to about 2000 pounds. You should be very well informed and have in mind what the purpose of this training is before proceeding, for each course will require you to pay some nonrefundable money in advance.

You should also check out the dates of the courses. Some of them are conducted all year long, others have to be programmed or have a tighter schedule.

What are the outcomes of the covert surveillance training?         

After taking this courses you will be handled a student’s activity book in which your supervisors will complete all the skills that you have achieved during training. You will then be able to offer your services to anybody who needs to perform surveillance, even as a personal security officer. There are many career opportunities if you take these courses and you should take every one of them into consideration. Whether you will be working as a private investigator or as a detective in a corporation, make sure to always have the document that certifies your abilities.



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