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Professional Bodyguard Salary

Many people who looking at bodyguarding as a new career or are new to this line of work frequently ask, “What is the average Professional Bodyguard Salary?” Here is some advice but, firstly be aware there are no hard and fast rules. Bodyguard salaries differ from job to job and location to location.

First of all, there are no set fees for bodyguard services. All fees are generally arranged by negotiating with the client directly. Obviously, the more skills you have, more experience and training– the more you can earn. An experienced professional bodyguard could earn $100,000 per year plus bonuses. These are often positions with distinct requirements and skill specifications like advance security teams or a ship security officer, and the work could be located on the other side of the world.

Rates associated with this type of work vary widely, depending upon many factors:

  • Economy
  • Experience, Skills & Training
  • Client Profile whether they be a (Celebrity vs. Dignitary, National vs. International etc.)
  • Risk/Danger
  • Political Climate
  • Potential Travel Required
  • Locale & Circumstances of the Detail
  • Range of Duties

Bodyguards have varying levels and types of experience. There are bodyguards earning six figures. Jobs located in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia where you need to speak fluent Arabic, and have a keen insight into the cultural and religious morals and societal rules of the region. If you’ve served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps or an expert in weapons and a highly skilled martial artist you could earn a higher bodyguard salary. The ability to speak other languages means you can serve wherever your client travels as an interpreter as well as a bodyguard.

A security professional like ex-Secret Service could be paid ranging from $350 per day to $700 a day. Every contract is different, however. Most bodyguards earn in excess of $70,000 annually.


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