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How to Become a Bodyguard in America

Bodyguard in AmericaWhat is a bodyguard?  A bodyguard is a person who is paid to protect a client and is not a law enforcement officer. A bodyguard in America is different from a security guard as a security guard is paid to protect a wide range of things be it a home building, a mall and any occupants as well as to ensure some order while a bodyguard is only contracted to protect the specific clientele as the main objective.

The personal protection sector has a high demand from the people of the ilk of celebrities’, multinational heads or people who value their security or feel that they are in harms way. In America there is a huge demand for personal security and it is this demand which has driven the requirement for personal bodyguards.

Bodyguarding is receiving a lot of demand for job seekers. For you to work as a bodyguard in America you could either get employment from security companies or go it alone as a freelance bodyguard.

While this may look pretty straight forward, it is not the case as there are a lot of things that you have to achieve to become a bodyguard. This includes undergoing certified training and acquiring the appropriate licences.

In America the different States have different rules and guidelines on how you can become a bodyguard so it will depend on which State you are from but they all bear similar similarities so we will take a general view.

How do you get the license to be a bodyguard in America?

The first and most important is that you must fit in the specific criteria that is set for you to qualify to be a personal protection officer. The age will obviously matter as well as your criminal record. Some states will not allow you to become a guard if you have a certain criminal record. Once you meet the set criteria you will have to enlist to a body guard training school which meets the required standard for certification by the specific state.

Training offered.

There you will have to be taken through the various modules which can take up to 15 days to complete the basic training. This should not give you the impression that you are a professional. Most people wish to hire highly qualified work force. Thus you could also undergo more training than just the basic one to be fully certified.

Those other trainings entail things such as hands on proficiency and tactical shooting which train the bodyguard to be able to use hand guns, methods of disarming a person with a gun and even better driving skills whenever a situation arises when in the course of duty.

To get that far the various states require that a body guard to have undergone a test that evaluates the emotional and psychological health of the aspiring bodyguard and must be signed by a licensed psychotherapist.

As a bodyguard you should not bring your client into harms way because of your own personal mental issues.

Getting a license

For you to get your license you will first have to pay for a criminal background check up so as to make sure that you have not committed any kind of disallowing offence for a certain number of previous years.

If found to have any disqualifying criminal history you are not allowed to receive a license but if your record is okay then the aspiring body guard can get the form which will act will be presented to the attorney general or the relevant authority to approve and issue you your bodyguard license.

Who needs personal protection?

In America there is a wide range of people who can take up personal protection. They include:

Celebrities: America is a haven of most TV and movie stars and musicians. They require constant guarding from the likes of over zealous fans and the likes of kidnappers who kidnap them or a family member for ransom exchange.

Diplomats: some of the diplomats may not be given state personal protection thus they may take up personal bodyguards.

The fabulously rich businessmen: they are always a target for many criminal gangs as well as the threats from rivalry among other businessmen thus they mostly require bodyguards.

In the wake of the potentiality of the terrorist attacks in America it has also played a part in the increase in demand of this expertise. To make good money out this job it is best to get yourself better qualified than the other people and also when joining a security firm or agency find the one which will pay better and has good working hours or better yet find a client willing to give a better pay when working as a freelancer.



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