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How to become a bodyguard in Africa

bodyguard in africa

In Africa there is always a misconception that when one decides to become a body guard they are held to be of low esteem in the society. It is seen that you are very inferior in the community. Personal protection is associated with well built people such as the bouncers in night clubs or a military people.

This is very wrong indeed. Bodyguards are far different with security guards. Whereas a security guard is a non law enforcement agent whose work is to provide general protection to his environment as well as the property that he assigned to a bodyguard is a person whose main purpose is to provide protection to a client or his family who usually is a person of importance such as a celebrity, public and wealthy figures in society. Also government officials normally receive the bodyguard service.

So why do you need personal protection officers when in Africa? Well there are various reasons. If you are a celebrity you will obviously need security detail so as to be able to navigate through your various activities in peace and without any fear things such as theft and kidnapping.

If you are an Aid worker or missionary you may need to have a bodyguard in africa to help you survive and move about doing their duties without fear as they are targets for most kidnappers who request for some ransom.

Bodyguard in Africa

For the wealthy and political figures it is always wise to get personal protection officers. This is because in most African countries these set of people are always targets of hit squads contracted by rivals or competitors. The world can be very cruel thus one has to be steps ahead to ensure their personal safety.

A bodyguard in Africa will more often than not engage in responsibilities such as screening of people who are to meet their client, screening the places that the client visits and accompanying the client as he conducts his daily routine.

What you can do to become a bodyguard.

Putting the stereotype aside being a personal protection officer is very rewarding especially if you are working with filthy rich businessmen and celebrities, though this will depend highly on the kinds of training and skills that you have.

What one has to do is enlist to schools which provide bodyguard courses that are approved and are very relevant. Depending on the different schools you can pay different amounts to get the various levels of competence. The basic level is normally very short and is very cheap to acquire but for the other levels it will take some investment of your cash as some of the things that you will be taught are expensive to provide.

These trainings will normally include firearms training, driving techniques and even more technical stuff such as live drills to simulate the real action which will come along way when faced with the real deal.

There are also test which are conducted to ensure that a person is of the right state of mind and also a criminal background check up is almost certainly done to ensure that you have no previous record which suggest that you may have a conflict of interest that could put the client in danger.

It is also very important that a person aspiring to become a bodyguard makes sure that they are always healthy and physically fit. As bodyguard you will have to follow the principal around and since your primary goal is to keep him safe you will always have to work for longer hours and travel very often sometimes without regard to your well being. Thus by being fit you will have the ability to keep on doing your job without compromising on your health and putting your client in danger consequently.

It is also good to note that it will be an added advantage for the bodyguard in Africa if he has skills in martial arts. The employer will be more impressed by a person who has much more specialized skills than the competition.

When you get into the bodyguard business you can also start building your own network just in case you decide that you want to go solo as a freelancer. This is not that bad as you could move where there is a better offer once you complete your contract.

An extra advantage of being a personal bodyguard is that you could also gain the trust of your client who can in turn promote you in to doing other activities for him especially if you have some other college degree for example in administration of some of his activities.

This job is one which is in demand and one need not worry much on getting the job but like any other profession a bodyguard should be aware of any kind of advancements in the field thus should always move with the time and take more relevant trainings to enhance the reputation of his abilities.



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