Professional Bodyguard Salary

Many people who looking at bodyguarding as a new career or are new to this line of work frequently ask, “What is the average Professional Bodyguard Salary?” Here is some advice but, firstly be aware there are no hard and fast rules. Bodyguard salaries differ from job to job and location to location.

First of all, there are no set fees for bodyguard services. All fees are generally arranged by negotiating with the client directly. Obviously, the more skills you have, more experience and training– the more you can earn. An experienced professional bodyguard could earn $100,000 per year plus bonuses. These are often positions with distinct requirements and skill specifications like advance security teams or a ship security officer, and the work could be located on the other side of the world.

Rates associated with this type of work vary widely, depending upon many factors:

  • Economy
  • Experience, Skills & Training
  • Client Profile whether they be a (Celebrity vs. Dignitary, National vs. International etc.)
  • Risk/Danger
  • Political Climate
  • Potential Travel Required
  • Locale & Circumstances of the Detail
  • Range of Duties

Bodyguards have varying levels and types of experience. There are bodyguards earning six figures. Jobs located in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia where you need to speak fluent Arabic, and have a keen insight into the cultural and religious morals and societal rules of the region. If you’ve served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps or an expert in weapons and a highly skilled martial artist you could earn a higher bodyguard salary. The ability to speak other languages means you can serve wherever your client travels as an interpreter as well as a bodyguard.

A security professional like ex-Secret Service could be paid ranging from $350 per day to $700 a day. Every contract is different, however. Most bodyguards earn in excess of $70,000 annually.


Close Protection Jobs in Afghanistan

Close Protection Afghanistan

close protection operative is a security operative whose primary goal is to protect their client, usually in a public environment. These clients could be public figures that are wealthy or political figures. A close protection job in Afghanistan might entail protecting your client from assault, theft, kidnapping, harassment or maybe even the loss of life.

Afghanistan as a country has been going through war in the past 10 years. The presence of armed militia’s and rebels has been a hinderance to the country and most of these are from surrounding countries. Access to weapons is an easy thing in Afghanistan and thus most ‘fighting age’ males carry AK47’s or a very similar weapon. Most Afghan’s carry these for protection but some insurgents obviously carry them for other reasons.

As a result they need to have close protection officers to keep watch and guard over them or their family when staying in the country.

Safety is a big issue not just to them but to all people in the world. So the question of why become a close protection officer arises especially in a high risk area as that. The demand is high, mostly because there are far less people who are willing to put  themselves in harms way.

Process for becoming a Close Protection Officer

Becoming a close protection officer is not a walk in the park. A client will only want the best security personnel around them. So, one has to go through a rigorous training exercises. Does this mean one has to have some military back ground to become a close protection officer? To some extent yes and to some extent, no. Being a former military officer or a law enforcement officer is only advantageous to giving you a better resume than a person who is just an ordinary civilian. Any person provided that they do not have a criminal record that can disqualify you can become a close protection operative.

The training will include some of the following things: communication skills, hand to hand combat, disarming of the armed assailants, first aid, negotiation, precision driving skills when under some kind of siege. Though the following will not be taught at once but rather in stages whereby you have to complete one level of competence successfully for you to proceed to the next stage.

For those wishing to carry fire arms one will have to undergo training and then request for a permit to carry a fire arm which can be used only when the need arises rather than to scare off people.

When you become a CPO you can now specialise in various fields which include:

Driving: most CPO must have a driving license and some extra driving skills to be able to get your principal out of sticky situations.

Daily task: this is where you assist the client to perform most of his activities and run errands.

Planning and assigning duties: when you are working in a team of CPO’s you can meet with team leaders and review all the activities of the day and set the plans and the responsibility of each CPO to make sure that the client will not be in harms way.

If you possess a university or college degree in something relevant to the personal protection job you can use it to secure a better job in with your clients as well as well paying assignments.


How to become a bodyguard in New York

bodyguard in New York

The security business is big for a bodyguard in New York. Why is security in New York a big issue? The state of New York is one of the biggest financial hubs in the United States and in the world and thus there is a lot of money that is in play in the state. Also there are many highly valued businessmen and celebrities that reside in the state.

The increased terrorism threat has also led to the rise in the demand for security. In the state of New York includes the more convectional security guard and personal protection services.

The increased demand has seen a lot people going into this line of business as it has a lot to offer. So how do you become a bodyguard in New York? This is not very simple as it seems. There are a lot of conditions and regulations that have to be met for a person to be certified to become a bodyguard. It will also need a lot of investment on the part of the jobseeker as there is training that has to be undergone for you to become a basic security guard while to be certified into a more specialized kind of bodyguard you have to go through the relevant training.

The beauty of becoming a bodyguard in New York is there are many other things which you could do apart from the primary goal of personal security like administration, finance or even become a private investigator.

How to get a license

You need to get a license to start practising in this job and it will involve going through the following:

Bodyguard Training

There are various schools which teach the various crafts involved in the profession. For a school to teach this they have to get a certification from the New York state Division of Criminal Justice Service so as to ensure a certain standard is met in the industry.

As a start one has to go through the basic training which normally takes about less than 2 weeks. The basic stuff will include things such as first aid which is very important in life death situations. With this kind of training you could apply for the license.

While this basic training will get you a job being more qualified will also earn you a better paying job. This is due to the fact that people tend to trust more qualified people than less qualified people.

By being more qualified it goes along the line of learning hand to hand combat and disarming assailants, precision driving and handling of fire arms. The training has to be completed for the person to be deemed legible to apply the license.

Application of the license

When the training is done the person has to apply for a license. The New York state laws require that for an unarmed bodyguard one has to:

  • Have undergone 8 hours of pre-assignment which includes an introductory course and must submit the proof of successful completion of the same.
  • Must have underwent as 16hour on the job training which includes the relevant duties and met the requirements of the worksite and needs of the employer and must successfully complete this training within 90days of employment
  • And 8 hours of the same service annually after the completion of the 16 hours on the job training thereafter.

For an armed bodyguard on has to undergo and fulfil the above requirements and in addition have this other two requirements:

  • Have 47 hours of firearms course and must present a certificate to show the successful completion of the training when applying for issuance of an armed guard registration card.
  • And 8 hours of Annual firearms course every year after the completion of the 47 hours that is required within the first year.

The certificate of completion from the training school will then be attached to your application form which will have to be presented to the New York State. As part of the application you will have to submit your fingerprints with your application. This is to check if you have a previous criminal record which disqualifies you from being given a licence. A processing fee of 35 dollars has to be paid to the New York department of state.

It is very advisable to make copies of all the forms that you have to present for your records. The application may take up to 4-5 weeks to process but you can start working without the license though you have to call the state and confirm that your application has been assigned a unique id which will eventually become your licence number.

The law allows a person to hire you with this unique ID and you will receive your license in form of a card which will bear your DMV picture.


How to become a bodyguard in Iraq

bodyguard in iraq

With the wake of the American – Iraq war there has been a massive increase in insecurity in the country. Thus leading to an increase in people wanting a bodyguard in Iraq. This has led to a major increase in the security sector particularly in the personal protection segment. The fact that this war was waged it become a put off for many people to venture into the business either the native or the expatriates for the fear of their lives.

This state of lawlessness has led to increased deaths and abductions of people especially in the business world, Aid workers or the high value targets. So why there is increase in the demand of the bodyguard in Iraq? The simple reason is that there is more demand for bodyguards than there is the supply into the industry. The supply shortage is due to the challenges that the personal protection officers in Iraq faces. This has led to the people seeking such services offering hefty pay packages to the few who dare enter into the business.

There has also been an increase in foreign security companies venturing into the Iraqi market as they offer the service of providing personal protection to the clients who will be willing to fork out the price. Through them thy will provide the avenue for connecting an aspiring bodyguard to a potential client.

This is will be easy to those who feel that they are up to the task and have the relevant training to be good bodyguards.

Bodyguard in Iraq

Training is done by certified schools at a fee. You will have to undergo various training to be able to get a license as a practising bodyguard. Especially when going to a high risk area like Iraq you will have to be adequately equipped with more than just the basic training.

Most people tend to entrust their lives to people who are very qualified in this profession. People who succeed much better are normally those with previous military expertise, martial arts and good drivers. This will come as a plus for you as you can double up as a driver and personal protection agent.

The key thing that is taught in these schools is to perform your primary goal which is to protect your principal while you do not draw attention to yourself which could be quite risky. Also foreign languages are taught to the bodyguard so as to make sure he can communicate with the client.

For those who wish to become an armed bodyguard in Iraq they must undergo a mandatory training on how to handle the firearms. In some environments it will not be necessary but when going to a place where guns are easily available you will need also to pack up too.

Some training will also involve the training and handling of personal protection dogs which can be used to sniff out the presence of guns and bombs planted to bring harm to the client.

Bodyguard Physical Fitness

Some of the clients that you might be serving might like to travel a lot while some may be the partying type who will engage you till in the early morning hours and you can only leave once you have been relieved from duty. For you to be able to cope with the busy schedules and very erratic activity of the client you will have to be very physically in shape to make sure that you are not fatigued easily. Also you as the body guard should maintain a healthy life as your health could be a detriment to the life of security to the principal.

Once you are done with your training it will have to apply for a license from the state that you belong to. A background check will have to be taken to make sure that you are not disqualified by a previous criminal record. If you are disqualified then you can’t join this industry as a professional but if you qualify you will be given a license once the application is processed.

To start serving you will have to apply for a job as a bodyguard in the various companies that run security services in the country. This is because it will be much simpler for you as they have the available network to get you a job. As said earlier there is a high demand for personal protection officers in Iraq thus an opening should be available for you easily.

The beauty of working as a bodyguard is that you can continue to build you network of clients which can be good for you when you finally decide to go it on your own. If you hold an addition university or college degree you can specialize in areas such as administration where a client can engage you in such activities which could be rewarding to you in terms of better pay packages.



How to become a bodyguard in Africa

bodyguard in africa

In Africa there is always a misconception that when one decides to become a body guard they are held to be of low esteem in the society. It is seen that you are very inferior in the community. Personal protection is associated with well built people such as the bouncers in night clubs or a military people.

This is very wrong indeed. Bodyguards are far different with security guards. Whereas a security guard is a non law enforcement agent whose work is to provide general protection to his environment as well as the property that he assigned to a bodyguard is a person whose main purpose is to provide protection to a client or his family who usually is a person of importance such as a celebrity, public and wealthy figures in society. Also government officials normally receive the bodyguard service.

So why do you need personal protection officers when in Africa? Well there are various reasons. If you are a celebrity you will obviously need security detail so as to be able to navigate through your various activities in peace and without any fear things such as theft and kidnapping.

If you are an Aid worker or missionary you may need to have a bodyguard in africa to help you survive and move about doing their duties without fear as they are targets for most kidnappers who request for some ransom.

Bodyguard in Africa

For the wealthy and political figures it is always wise to get personal protection officers. This is because in most African countries these set of people are always targets of hit squads contracted by rivals or competitors. The world can be very cruel thus one has to be steps ahead to ensure their personal safety.

A bodyguard in Africa will more often than not engage in responsibilities such as screening of people who are to meet their client, screening the places that the client visits and accompanying the client as he conducts his daily routine.

What you can do to become a bodyguard.

Putting the stereotype aside being a personal protection officer is very rewarding especially if you are working with filthy rich businessmen and celebrities, though this will depend highly on the kinds of training and skills that you have.

What one has to do is enlist to schools which provide bodyguard courses that are approved and are very relevant. Depending on the different schools you can pay different amounts to get the various levels of competence. The basic level is normally very short and is very cheap to acquire but for the other levels it will take some investment of your cash as some of the things that you will be taught are expensive to provide.

These trainings will normally include firearms training, driving techniques and even more technical stuff such as live drills to simulate the real action which will come along way when faced with the real deal.

There are also test which are conducted to ensure that a person is of the right state of mind and also a criminal background check up is almost certainly done to ensure that you have no previous record which suggest that you may have a conflict of interest that could put the client in danger.

It is also very important that a person aspiring to become a bodyguard makes sure that they are always healthy and physically fit. As bodyguard you will have to follow the principal around and since your primary goal is to keep him safe you will always have to work for longer hours and travel very often sometimes without regard to your well being. Thus by being fit you will have the ability to keep on doing your job without compromising on your health and putting your client in danger consequently.

It is also good to note that it will be an added advantage for the bodyguard in Africa if he has skills in martial arts. The employer will be more impressed by a person who has much more specialized skills than the competition.

When you get into the bodyguard business you can also start building your own network just in case you decide that you want to go solo as a freelancer. This is not that bad as you could move where there is a better offer once you complete your contract.

An extra advantage of being a personal bodyguard is that you could also gain the trust of your client who can in turn promote you in to doing other activities for him especially if you have some other college degree for example in administration of some of his activities.

This job is one which is in demand and one need not worry much on getting the job but like any other profession a bodyguard should be aware of any kind of advancements in the field thus should always move with the time and take more relevant trainings to enhance the reputation of his abilities.



How to become a bodyguard in Afghanistan

bodyguard in afghanistan

How to become a bodyguard in Afghanistan? A bodyguard is a security operative whose primary goal is to protect his principal usually a public, wealthy or political figures from dangers such as assault, theft, kidnapping, harassment and maybe the loss of very important information or belonging.

Afghanistan as a country has been going through war and the presence of armed militia and rebels has not been of any help to the general peace in the country. Access to weapons is an easy thing in Afghanistan and thus the resulting state of affairs has led to some criminal activities which target specific people.

Also there are people who are willing to sacrifice their lives by attaching themselves onto explosives and committing suicide taking with them innocent bystanders. Thus as a result the need to have personal protection officers to keep watch and guard over you or your family.

Safety is a big issue not just to them but to all people in the world. So the question of why become a bodyguard arises especially in a high risk area as that. Well this is a calling for a start and also it pays really well as there is little supply of personnel in places like this. The demand is high mostly because there are far less people who are willing to put their selves in harms way just because of a client.

Unlike the stereotype that one has to have more muscle than brains to become a bodyguard in Afghanistan, it is normally very different as they carry out far much more duty than just the flamboyant TV stunts. Their work typically involves the searching of rooms and building that the client will be visiting or staying, searching vehicles and escorting the client on his day to day activities and planning his travelling route maps.

Process to become a bodyguard in Afghanistan

To become a bodyguard in Afghanistan is not a walk in the park as it may seem in the movies. A client will only want the best security personnel around him as would any logical man. So, one has to go through a rigorous training exercise. Does this mean one has to have some military back ground to become a bodyguard? To some extent yes and to some extent, no. Being a former military officer or a law enforcement officer is only advantageous to giving you a better resume than a person who is just an ordinary civilian. Any person provided that they do not have a criminal record that can disqualify you can become a bodyguard.

What you have to do is join a good training institute that provides a bodyguard course that is approved by the relevant body and meets the standards of the existing market.

Some of the institutions will have to make sure that you are psychologically fit as well as physically fit for the very demand occupation.

Why be physically and psychologically fit?  The mental strength of a person should be very strong to handle some of the things that will come up as you have to be the one who is giving hope to your client as well as being sound to make all the right judgment. Being physically fit helps people cope with all the work that lays ahead as at times there is a lot of travel and sometimes staying up late. This will certainly fatigue any person who is not in good body health and shape.

The training will include some of the following things: communication skills, hand to hand combat, disarming of the armed assailants, first aid, negotiation, precision driving skills when under some kind of siege. Though the following will not be taught at once but rather in stages whereby you have to complete one level of competence successfully for you to proceed to the next stage.

For those wishing to carry fire arms one will have to undergo training and then request for a permit to carry a fire arm which can be used only when the need arises rather than to scare off people.

When you become a bodyguard in afghanistan you can now specialise in various fields which include:

Driving: most body guards must have a driving license and some extra driving skills to be able to get your principal out of sticky situations.

Daily task: this is where you assist the client to perform most of his activities and run errands.

Planning and assigning duties: when you are working in a team of bodyguards you can meet with team leaders and review all the activities of the day and set the plans and the responsibility of each bodyguard to make sure that the client will not be in harms way.

If you possess a university or college degree in something relevant to the personal protection job you can use it to secure a better job in with your clients as well as well paying assignments.



How to Become a Bodyguard in America

Bodyguard in AmericaWhat is a bodyguard?  A bodyguard is a person who is paid to protect a client and is not a law enforcement officer. A bodyguard in America is different from a security guard as a security guard is paid to protect a wide range of things be it a home building, a mall and any occupants as well as to ensure some order while a bodyguard is only contracted to protect the specific clientele as the main objective.

The personal protection sector has a high demand from the people of the ilk of celebrities’, multinational heads or people who value their security or feel that they are in harms way. In America there is a huge demand for personal security and it is this demand which has driven the requirement for personal bodyguards.

Bodyguarding is receiving a lot of demand for job seekers. For you to work as a bodyguard in America you could either get employment from security companies or go it alone as a freelance bodyguard.

While this may look pretty straight forward, it is not the case as there are a lot of things that you have to achieve to become a bodyguard. This includes undergoing certified training and acquiring the appropriate licences.

In America the different States have different rules and guidelines on how you can become a bodyguard so it will depend on which State you are from but they all bear similar similarities so we will take a general view.

How do you get the license to be a bodyguard in America?

The first and most important is that you must fit in the specific criteria that is set for you to qualify to be a personal protection officer. The age will obviously matter as well as your criminal record. Some states will not allow you to become a guard if you have a certain criminal record. Once you meet the set criteria you will have to enlist to a body guard training school which meets the required standard for certification by the specific state.

Training offered.

There you will have to be taken through the various modules which can take up to 15 days to complete the basic training. This should not give you the impression that you are a professional. Most people wish to hire highly qualified work force. Thus you could also undergo more training than just the basic one to be fully certified.

Those other trainings entail things such as hands on proficiency and tactical shooting which train the bodyguard to be able to use hand guns, methods of disarming a person with a gun and even better driving skills whenever a situation arises when in the course of duty.

To get that far the various states require that a body guard to have undergone a test that evaluates the emotional and psychological health of the aspiring bodyguard and must be signed by a licensed psychotherapist.

As a bodyguard you should not bring your client into harms way because of your own personal mental issues.

Getting a license

For you to get your license you will first have to pay for a criminal background check up so as to make sure that you have not committed any kind of disallowing offence for a certain number of previous years.

If found to have any disqualifying criminal history you are not allowed to receive a license but if your record is okay then the aspiring body guard can get the form which will act will be presented to the attorney general or the relevant authority to approve and issue you your bodyguard license.

Who needs personal protection?

In America there is a wide range of people who can take up personal protection. They include:

Celebrities: America is a haven of most TV and movie stars and musicians. They require constant guarding from the likes of over zealous fans and the likes of kidnappers who kidnap them or a family member for ransom exchange.

Diplomats: some of the diplomats may not be given state personal protection thus they may take up personal bodyguards.

The fabulously rich businessmen: they are always a target for many criminal gangs as well as the threats from rivalry among other businessmen thus they mostly require bodyguards.

In the wake of the potentiality of the terrorist attacks in America it has also played a part in the increase in demand of this expertise. To make good money out this job it is best to get yourself better qualified than the other people and also when joining a security firm or agency find the one which will pay better and has good working hours or better yet find a client willing to give a better pay when working as a freelancer.



Advance Security Teams

What are Advance Security Teams and what do they do?

Advance Security TeamsIt is vital for important people to always be protected when travelling, whether it is in their own country or abroad. When travelling for the first time to a place or when going to conflict areas there is always the need for an Advance Security Team. The specialist can provide you with a detailed plan and conduct a very extensive research in order for a safe business experience. They can work in very different environments, regardless of the conditions and they can inspect various facilities before you enter them. The companies in charge of Advance Security Teams can provide bodyguard courses, celebrity bodyguards, personal protection dogs and even personal protection training.

The main objective for an Advance Security Team is to offer you safety when you are travelling. Their bodyguards will make sure that you arrive at your destination with a full confidence. The roles of the members of such a team can change from assignment to assignment, that is why they are professionals, with an extensive body guarding training. For example, some of their duties might include the knowledge on how to come out with plans for routing and travel in order to insure safety, how to develop second plans in case of an emergency, how to make an assessment regarding the threats or risk that you might be exposed to. They can also check if the hotel or other accommodation option has the right standards and facilities for you as well as check you booking. An Advance Security Team could also sterilize and debug rooms prior to your arrival and make sure that everything will be on time and ready to offer you all the comfort and safety that you might need.

Why should I hire an Advance Security Team?       

You should hire one of these teams for you own protection, as well as your loved ones. You may never know where you might find trouble and they are specialized in getting you out of it. They will be able to do various jobs for you, from providing you with nonstop surveillance to booking your flights, renting and checking your car for you and making sure that your accommodation is suitable. They can also offer covert surveillance over high risk areas and come up with escape plans.

They are trained to do everything to keep you safe and sound.

How should my Advance Security Team be like?

First of all, you should make sure that they are very experienced and have lots of training in different areas. They should be able to offer you a portfolio as well as examples of their previous work. Make sure they have protected a “big name” celebrity and that they aren’t making their first experience while working with you. Do not settle with a confidentiality agreement answer. You can discreetly notice if they have or don’t some big references. Also, be sure that they can be included in your lifestyle. They should not get noticed as security people, but just normal friends of yours.

You should also take into consideration a company that knows and has experience with your surroundings – city, country, places that you are about to visit. You don’t want them to get lost while trying to save you from an attack.

Another important thing is the attitude the members of the team will have towards you. They should respect you and your decisions. Make sure that they are well trained in the art of diplomacy and they won’t be looking for a fight at the first sign of trouble. A good company should have heterogeneous teams, with members qualified in various fields of work. They should include bodyguards, covert surveillance experts, masters of disguise, technical geniuses as well as well prepared biologist. All of these things are required in order for your protection to be a complete one, with every type of threat prevented.

There are many companies that can offer you the services of an Advance Security Team. You just have to find the right one for you. Ask around, search for testimonials and even ask directly about their references.

Who uses Advance Security Teams?

There are various people that really need to hire an Advance Security Team while travelling to another city or to another country. They can be models, celebrities, music talents, corporate executives or even dignitaries.

They might not be able to always hide their destinations and we all know how paparazzi are: looking for any chance to catch a glimpse of them. But there are also other dangerous people out there. People that might plan a murder, a terrorist attack and so on. That is why important, rich people always travel with their Advance Security Team around.


Covert Surveillance Training

What is the covert surveillance training and what will my job be?

Covert Surveillance TrainingThis training is aiming to teach how to watch certain people, events or buildings without being noticed, while undercover. You can then work as a private investigator, a security consultant, a housing association bodyguard, a local authority and much more. You will be taught how to be a proficient operator of surveillance and how to remain stealthy while doing it. This course consists of realistic exercises, structured and controlled. You will be provided with all the equipment that you need and be only assisted by professionals.

What does the training consist of?

There are many types of courses that you can choose from, such as mobile and foot surveillance, electronic surveillance, advanced surveillance both in the countryside and in cities, photography and witness training. If you work in the military, you should know that there is also a special military surveillance training that you can use in hostile areas. The duration of the training varies between one day and two weeks, depending on what skills you should acquire. For example, in the advanced surveillance course you will learn all there is to know about the procedures and techniques used in covert surveillance. It teaches all that the basic surveillance course contains and much more. It is specially design for those who must conduct covert surveillance on a daily basis, both on foot and with the use of a car. The photography course will teach you the basic techniques of using a digital still camera or a video camera in order to obtain some photographic evidence. The intelligence training will provide you with the skills to find certain intelligence and information from the Internet, while the electronic surveillance course will give you the basic information about surveillance equipment – what to purchase, how to install it and how to safely use it.

The military surveillance training for body guards is specially conducted for those who have to gather sensitive information from war zones. It will provide basic, intermediate and advanced courses, of 12 weeks in total. After this you will learn about counter surveillance and ways in which you can prevent an enemy surveillance as well as ways in which you will be able to recognize your targets.

You can take this course regardless of your knowledge level – it is even easier for you to learn something from scratch, you won’t have any bad practices or habits. You won’t need a driver’s license, for the course mainly teaches you how to work in two people teams.

Trainings are usually conducted with no more than eight students in order for all of you to properly learn all the required skills. Some companies also offer you the possibility to customize your training so that it fits your needs.

What will it cost me and where could I take the training course?

The cost will depend on the type of the training that you are taking as well as the provided equipment. There are many companies that can provide you with the necessary training, as well as equipment and accommodation. You will be able to stay at the training site for the course but you will have to pay extra for it. The price for the accommodation usually ranges between 25 pounds and 60 pounds per night. If you book your room with 21 days in advance, you can usually receive a discount.

The courses have various prices and they include all the training facilities, equipment, fuel and vehicles. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will not be included in the price and you will have to bring your own suitable clothes.

Make sure to choose a company that will provide you with many types and courses and different environments. You can take what course you want, regardless of your previous experience. The prices range from about 170 pounds to about 2000 pounds. You should be very well informed and have in mind what the purpose of this training is before proceeding, for each course will require you to pay some nonrefundable money in advance.

You should also check out the dates of the courses. Some of them are conducted all year long, others have to be programmed or have a tighter schedule.

What are the outcomes of the covert surveillance training?         

After taking this courses you will be handled a student’s activity book in which your supervisors will complete all the skills that you have achieved during training. You will then be able to offer your services to anybody who needs to perform surveillance, even as a personal security officer. There are many career opportunities if you take these courses and you should take every one of them into consideration. Whether you will be working as a private investigator or as a detective in a corporation, make sure to always have the document that certifies your abilities.



Ship Security Officer Course

What is the Ship Security Officer course and what will my job be?

Ship Security Officer CourseThis course aims to offer you all the information and skills that you will need when being a Ship Security Officer, also known as a SSO. You will have to be able to plan, coordinate and take on many responsibilities. You will also have to maintain and supervise the security plan, be able to identify potential threats and properly respond to them. Also, in this course you will learn how to correlate the security of the vessel and the port and other administrative requirements. You will acquire the skills needed in order to motivate and train a crew to perform duties related to security issues.

You should definitely take this course if you know that you might be appointed as SSO, if you have previously worked as armed force personnel and you are now retired or if you have a background in the maritime area and look for a job as a Ship Security Officer. You will not be a personal bodyguard but a professional security officer.

What will I learn during this training?

This ship security officer course will only last for days after which you will be required to take an exam. If you pass it you will receive a certificate that allows you to work as a Ship Security Officer. This certificate is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, also known as MCA. The subjects of this course are different from company to company; some of them are mandatory while others have just been added.

You will be able to learn the basic things about International Maritime Security, what are your responsibilities as a Ship Security Officer, what is the code that is now in force, what are the threats against your vessel, how to conduct an assessment of the ship’s security and come up with a plan according to that. You will also get a good knowledge of the different security levels, the administrative work as well as ways of conducting a risk assessment. You will learn how to implement different controls and search parties and identify a threat, recognize it and respond accordingly. You will be taught what the current weapons against pirates are and what countermeasures you should take.

The recently added classes could teach you how to handle terrorist devices, such as explosive devices, threats and so on. You will be able to interpret a X-Ray image of an object and the new screening methods. Also, you will have to know how to settle a conflict and how to behave in a diplomatic way.

How much is the training course and where could I take it?

You could easily find a list of all the centers that provide you with the means to take this course, you just have to make an Internet search. These courses have really rigorous starting times, so make sure you subscribe to one in due time. Also, choose the company according to its location – you don’t want to spend lots of time on the road – and to its prices. Some of the companies offer discounts for large groups of people or for retired marines. Inform yourself before choosing and don’t oversee any benefits you might have.

For example, at a certain company, in 2012 you will be able to take this course starting with the 8th of May, the 20th of August, the 19th of March and the 9th of July. The price is of 540 pounds; from this price you will first have to pay a 200 pounds initial deposit, nonrefundable. The rest of the fee, the 340 pounds, should be paid 14 days before the course’s starting date. You should know that this tax only includes the courses, the exam and tea/ coffee and lunch. For other accommodation you should book yourself a room in the near venues. The company that is organizing the training could give you all the necessary information.

What jobs can I get after taking this course?         

After getting your authorization from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency you will be able to work as a Ship Security Officer. This certificate is recognized by all the authorities, such as the International Maritime Organization and covers everything from the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. With the pirate attack becoming more and more frequent, most of the ship captains will look for an improved security. Well, with this training you will be able to provide them with everything they need.

You should know that these courses have been created in order for a better and safer commercial experience. The percentage of successful pirate attacks decreases at an exponential rate for the ships that have a proper security team with a Ship Security Officer in charge. Many crews will choose this option because it is always better to be safe than sorry.




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