Close Protection Operative

A Close Protection Operative or ‘Officer’ as they are sometimes called ia type of security operative or government agent who protects a person or persons. The person or persons are usually a public, wealthy or politically important figure in society.

Close Protection Operative Job Role

close protection operativeA Close Protection Operative’s job would be to keep their ‘client’ out of danger. The danger could be anything from theft, assault or kidnapping to harassment or threats.

Some of the most important public figures in the world like heads of state, senators, politicians and governors are protected by groups of close protection operators. They could be a private group from a security agency or they could be security forces of the government. To give an example of types of security forces within the government I recommend looking at the United States Secret Service.

Types of Close Protection Operatives Work

Contrary to popular belief, most types of work covered by a CPO isn’t like Kevin Costner in the movie ‘Bodyguard’. Their role entirely depends on their skill set or what they have been employed to do. They could be a part of extra units deployed to deal with IED detection, bug detection, counter sniper operations, pre-search operations or general background checks.

Some operatives train specifically in close quarter protection like those bodyguards in Afghanistan where they are no more than a few feet away from their client at all times and most are so professional in the work which they do that you’d not even notice that they were there.

Other Close Protection Operative Duties


In some cases, CPO’s are expertly trained in evasive driving techniques so that they can execute short-radius turns (J Turns), high speed cornering and anti-surveillance. They may have the role to act as decoys by getting rid of tails on  a lead vehicle.

Weapons and Tactics

Most career close protection operatives are highly skilled in weapons, tactics and a varied amount of weapons systems. Their systems may range from a small hand-held baton to a taser, pistol or full automatic weaponry.

Counter Sniper Weapons and Tactics

The real role of a close protection officer is to stop an attack before it even starts and this means they may have to ‘flush out’ snipers from their sniper holes. They are trained to know where a shot might be taken and use that information to clear potential hotspots and plan routes around them.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks of a CPO can include the following, planning and assigning responsibilities, searching vehicles, transferring clients to their vehicles, travelling, security cordons when arriving at destinations and returning their client to a safe location.

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