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Ship Security Officer Course

What is the Ship Security Officer course and what will my job be?

Ship Security Officer CourseThis course aims to offer you all the information and skills that you will need when being a Ship Security Officer, also known as a SSO. You will have to be able to plan, coordinate and take on many responsibilities. You will also have to maintain and supervise the security plan, be able to identify potential threats and properly respond to them. Also, in this course you will learn how to correlate the security of the vessel and the port and other administrative requirements. You will acquire the skills needed in order to motivate and train a crew to perform duties related to security issues.

You should definitely take this course if you know that you might be appointed as SSO, if you have previously worked as armed force personnel and you are now retired or if you have a background in the maritime area and look for a job as a Ship Security Officer. You will not be a personal bodyguard but a professional security officer.

What will I learn during this training?

This ship security officer course will only last for days after which you will be required to take an exam. If you pass it you will receive a certificate that allows you to work as a Ship Security Officer. This certificate is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, also known as MCA. The subjects of this course are different from company to company; some of them are mandatory while others have just been added.

You will be able to learn the basic things about International Maritime Security, what are your responsibilities as a Ship Security Officer, what is the code that is now in force, what are the threats against your vessel, how to conduct an assessment of the ship’s security and come up with a plan according to that. You will also get a good knowledge of the different security levels, the administrative work as well as ways of conducting a risk assessment. You will learn how to implement different controls and search parties and identify a threat, recognize it and respond accordingly. You will be taught what the current weapons against pirates are and what countermeasures you should take.

The recently added classes could teach you how to handle terrorist devices, such as explosive devices, threats and so on. You will be able to interpret a X-Ray image of an object and the new screening methods. Also, you will have to know how to settle a conflict and how to behave in a diplomatic way.

How much is the training course and where could I take it?

You could easily find a list of all the centers that provide you with the means to take this course, you just have to make an Internet search. These courses have really rigorous starting times, so make sure you subscribe to one in due time. Also, choose the company according to its location – you don’t want to spend lots of time on the road – and to its prices. Some of the companies offer discounts for large groups of people or for retired marines. Inform yourself before choosing and don’t oversee any benefits you might have.

For example, at a certain company, in 2012 you will be able to take this course starting with the 8th of May, the 20th of August, the 19th of March and the 9th of July. The price is of 540 pounds; from this price you will first have to pay a 200 pounds initial deposit, nonrefundable. The rest of the fee, the 340 pounds, should be paid 14 days before the course’s starting date. You should know that this tax only includes the courses, the exam and tea/ coffee and lunch. For other accommodation you should book yourself a room in the near venues. The company that is organizing the training could give you all the necessary information.

What jobs can I get after taking this course?         

After getting your authorization from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency you will be able to work as a Ship Security Officer. This certificate is recognized by all the authorities, such as the International Maritime Organization and covers everything from the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. With the pirate attack becoming more and more frequent, most of the ship captains will look for an improved security. Well, with this training you will be able to provide them with everything they need.

You should know that these courses have been created in order for a better and safer commercial experience. The percentage of successful pirate attacks decreases at an exponential rate for the ships that have a proper security team with a Ship Security Officer in charge. Many crews will choose this option because it is always better to be safe than sorry.




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