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Female Bodyguard

female bodyguardBeing a Female Bodyguard is becoming a lucrative business, more now than ever. With the need for a female bodyguard for some of the biggest names in the world becoming more and more, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more women taking to the job.

And rightly so, there’s nothing stopping women joining the circuit as a personal protection officer or bodyguard. After all, they will often come from the same backgrounds as most of the male and celebrity bodyguards in the industry.

And when some clients don’t want the overt approach, they’re likely to look for a female bodyguard to join or lead their security detail.

A Foreign Female Bodyguard

In China, it is becoming common for rich businessmen to have a female bodyguard on their detail. They go through just as much training as their male counterpart so why not?

In China, many female bodyguards go via the Tianjiao International Security Academy in Beijing. The founder of the academy said she spotted an opening in the industry and joined the booming market.

They’re multi-talented, not just as a security operative but also they’re trained in wine-tasting or personal assistance. This means they can communicate with their bosses on multiple levels and aren’t solely stuck in the security role.

More so, China has a booming economy meaning more and more business residents are becoming millionaires and billionaires. A lot of these business people are women and they prefer to have a female security team.

Before Colonel Gaddafi’s fall he used to be flanked by anywhere up to 40 female bodyguards. They were known as the Revolutionary Nuns, not much else is known about them but many stories say whilst they were part of his security team they weren’t treated correctly.

Female Bodyguard at Home

It wasn’t too long ago that Emma Probert, a close protection officer was in place to protect The Duchess of Cambridge. On top of that Prince William, Nicole Kidman, Katie Price and Justin Bieber have all had a female bodyguard in the past.

Needless to say that female officers blend in that much easier than their male bodyguard counterpart.


Celebrity Bodyguard

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