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Bodyguard Alarm

bodyguard alarmAs a bodyguard, there may be times when either you or your client require extra personal security and one way you can aid this is by wearing a bodyguard attack alarm.

Personal bodyguard alarm, also known as personal attack alarms are a simple and effective way to protect yourself or your client in the event of an attack or unwanted advances. In case of an emergency, the ear piercing alarm can distract an attacker and draw the attention of passers-by.

Protection from attack

The bodyguard alarm is easy to activate. Simply pull out the security pin and the alarm instantly emits a very loud 100dB sound which can be enough to shock a would-be attacker and to call attention to your predicament.

The alarm offers peace of mind and security for people who may find themselves in hazardous situations, such as night workers, personal bodyguards or celebrity bodyguards.

Bodyguard Alarm which are Compact and lightweight

Designed to clip to bags, belts or pockets, the personal bodyguard alarm is compact and lightweight. It comes in a splashproof casing for durability and dependability. A 12 volt battery is included with the alarm for instant peace of mind. You can feel an extra sense of confidence when you go out with our personal bodyguard alarm.


Bodyguard Insurance

bodyguard insuranceGetting any kind of insurance when you’re running a business, whether that be a business owner or freelancer is a good thing to do. Especially in the line of work of being a Bodyguard. You will require bodyguard insurance from starting out in your bodyguard training.

Bodyguard Insurance

You will need to purchase business and liability insurance (bodyguard insurance). This is vital for any security bodyguard business. Many states, such as California, will not issue a license without proof of bodyguard insurance.

In California, private patrol operators who employ armed security guards must have a million dollar policy in case of injury or death.

You can get bodyguard insurance from any major insurance broker, the better thing to do is shop around to make sure they cover your specific type of work and what you do.


Cost of Bodyguard

If you’re looking to hire a bodyguard to provide you with protective services, you must know the cost of bodyguard. This ultimately varies depending on which type of protective services that a bodyguard would be providing to you. You may be traveling abroad to a stable foreign country where your protection needed is small or you could be traveling to a war-torn country or country which is rife with terrorism and danger that you need a team of highly training close protection operatives.

Cost of Bodyguard

In this post we’ll look at some costs of bodyguards which you could use for different roles around the world and their average cost in those roles.

Cost of Celebrity Bodyguard

According to a recent study, Britney Spears spends close to $500,000 a year on a bodyguard and other protective measures. Britney isn’t the only one however. The rapper 50Cent spends over $1 million a year on bodyguards and security. According to a seasoned security business owner, 50 Cent’s security expenditure is in the lower range of what high-profile individuals pay for personal protection. The cost of 50Cent’s security per day works out at approximately $2,800 per day and the cost of a modest bodyguard in New York is $75 per hour. What does $2,800 per day get you? It gets you 37 bodyguard hours per day, which can be allocated into one bodyguard for 24 hours plus a second one for 13 hours.

Cost of Event Security

Event security are generally made up of non-security professionals for the most part. They could just be a collection of normal civilians wearing high-visibility jackets or clothing branded with the events logo.

These types of security guards can be used for monitoring the event, screening visitors and patrolling perimeters of the event. They may respond to disturbances such as disputes or violant behaviour. Members of event security have minimal training and only some require a licence to operate as a member of the event security team. The high-end cost of event security averages around $45 per hour.

Cost of Unarmed Driver

Generally known as a chauffer, time-served drivers of celebrities and business professionals can be used on a daily basis. If a client required being driven from location to location around a city, an unarmed driver would be on-call whilst their client is in meetings. These drivers know the city they’re driving in like the back of their hand, they know every side road and location. These drivers or companies can charge up to $90 per hour for this service.

Cost of Armed Driver

Cost of BodyguardThere may be a time where you require something more than a chauffer and this would escalate to an armed driver. If you’re in the United States, New York state law limits guards to carry any weapon more powerful than a 9mm handgun. With this in mind, the handgun of choice is the Glock 9 in New York. This weapon can be tucked neatly into a holster under a suit or jacket.

A bodyguard in New York can ONLY draw a weapon if their life or their clients life is in imminent danger. If the weapon is used when that is not the case it is classed as ‘menacing’ and is strictly prohibited. The cost of an armed driver is approximately $500 per day.

Cost of Unarmed Personal Security

Unarmed personal security are usually made up of former police officers. They could also be ex-FBI (or their equivalent) officers or ex-military. These personal security guards are great at analyzing risks and can plan their clients day around them. They are more of a prevention than cure and the cost of an unarmed personal security officer is approximately $500 per day.

Cost of Armed Personal Security

If you are a high profile client like a well known celebrity, businessman or government official you may require an armed security detail. A detail might consist of one or two security personnel. A scout, to go ahead and scout intended locations and another to personally accompany the client. These armed bodyguards get everything like food, accommodation and travel paid for by their client. The cost of an armed bodyguard is approximately $750 per day rising to $1000 per day if it is an international job.

Cost of Full Time Bodyguard

If you require a 24 hour surveillance roster which is covered by a number of bodyguards. These bodyguards usually live on an in-house residence near to where their clients are. Their main role is is protecting their individuals and their families by securing homes, scouting buildings, sweeping vehicles and screening staff and personnel.

The cost of a full-time bodyguard is approximately $1000 – $1500 per day.

Cost of Top Level Bodyguards

Top Level bodyguards are ones reserved for the likes of the biggest names in the world in politics, entertainment and business. They’re the elite of security usually being ex-Secret Service operators. They put themselves through intense training courses. Tending to come in teams of 10 or more and costing $1000 – $1500 per hour.

Close Protection Operators

Usually supplied by a security contractor, like the old “Blackwater” company. Close Protection Ops are generally ex-Special Forces operators who have left military life but have all the skills to protect their clients when in war-town countries. The cost of a close protection operator is approximately $1200 per day.


Professional Bodyguard Salary

Many people who looking at bodyguarding as a new career or are new to this line of work frequently ask, “What is the average Professional Bodyguard Salary?” Here is some advice but, firstly be aware there are no hard and fast rules. Bodyguard salaries differ from job to job and location to location.

First of all, there are no set fees for bodyguard services. All fees are generally arranged by negotiating with the client directly. Obviously, the more skills you have, more experience and training– the more you can earn. An experienced professional bodyguard could earn $100,000 per year plus bonuses. These are often positions with distinct requirements and skill specifications like advance security teams or a ship security officer, and the work could be located on the other side of the world.

Rates associated with this type of work vary widely, depending upon many factors:

  • Economy
  • Experience, Skills & Training
  • Client Profile whether they be a (Celebrity vs. Dignitary, National vs. International etc.)
  • Risk/Danger
  • Political Climate
  • Potential Travel Required
  • Locale & Circumstances of the Detail
  • Range of Duties

Bodyguards have varying levels and types of experience. There are bodyguards earning six figures. Jobs located in the Middle East / Saudi Arabia where you need to speak fluent Arabic, and have a keen insight into the cultural and religious morals and societal rules of the region. If you’ve served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps or an expert in weapons and a highly skilled martial artist you could earn a higher bodyguard salary. The ability to speak other languages means you can serve wherever your client travels as an interpreter as well as a bodyguard.

A security professional like ex-Secret Service could be paid ranging from $350 per day to $700 a day. Every contract is different, however. Most bodyguards earn in excess of $70,000 annually.


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