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You will find that most bodyguards have their own custom bodyguard gear kit, whether they’re working abroad or at home on operations and contracts you’ll generally find they have the best bodyguard gear. You might find that some bodyguards like buying more bodyguard gear than they actually need, however, it’s more showing off than anything.

Personal protection and bodyguarding can take many forms, which means that you’ll need many different pieces of bodyguard gear. You might be driving a car one day, working on the door the next or working in a different country armed protecting diplomats.

Best Bodyguard Gear

There are many types of high tech devices out there that can be used by bodyguards, some of which are listed below but you may also need things like vests, ear defenders, wireless earpieces, lightweight and portable firearms, body armour, tactical knives, handcuffs, metal detectors, stun guns, pepper spray, expandable batons and a flash light.

Most of them might seem like ordinary tools that won’t have a lot of impact but yet again, only security officers know their importance. Let’s look at each of these pieces of bodyguard gear and how they aid in bodyguarding.

bodyguard gear stab vestKnife Resistant Stab Vest

  • Concord Protective Security Vest. Stab And Trauma Resistant.
  • Removable Back Comfort Pad.
  • Fully Adjustable Shoulder And Waist Velcro Straps.
  • Flexible Protectective Poly-Myl Film Interior.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified , But NOT NIJ Certified And As Such This Vest Has Not Been Tested To Withstand All Instruments And Situations.



New Forthgoer DTDV219+ Portable Angel Eye Spy DVR (2.5 Inch LCD, Button Camera, Remote Control)Portable Surveillance Camera - Bodyguard Gear

  • Evidence Collection: Whether you need to video capture someone red-handed or in a compromising position, this amazing device delivers! Instead of wearing the spy camera system, you can also replace the pinhole lens with an external CCD surveillance camera and along with the unit’s on-board 2 inch LCD screen you’ve suddenly got a versatile CCTV solution on your hands.
  • Private Investigation: The mini spy camera is compromised of a high definition pinhole spy camera lens attachment that can be disguised as a shirt button and a pocket sized digital video recorder (DVR) which can easily be concealed in your pocket. One touch recording allows you to capture audio and 25 frames per second (fps) video in the popular AVI format. What’s more, just stick in your own 32GB mini SD card and you can hold over 8 hours of quality video recording at the highest video resolution of 720 x 576! It’s the perfect solution when dealing with suspects!



FLOUREON 1 X 8CH Security DVR +8 X Outdoor Camera HDMI USB WiFi 3G Security Kit UKSecurity Camera Set - Bodyguard Gear

  • You need setup a CCTV security system to Protect your home,shop and office.
  • Complete H.264 CCTV kit Comes complete with 8 Night Vision Security Cameras. Backup Via USB.
  • Remotely activate and View Via the Internet from anywhere and anytime. even supports live viewing via your smart Phone.
  • Support Cloud System For Remote Access/HDMI Output/USB Wireless Network Card /USB 3G Wireless Network Card.
  • Easy to install, simple to use and at a low price.


Level 3A PASGT (IIIA) Military Army Helmet Bullet Proof Ballistic Helmet US Personal Armor System Ground Troops One Size Israel Defence Force TestedBullet Proof Ballistic Helmet - Bodyguard Gear

  • The helmet shell is made of composite materials by unique technology. The shape of the helmet protects from injuries and allows the use of microphone and radio-telephone system.
  • Size: Standard size. Hand Size cm: 48 – 58. Weight: approx 1500gr. Protection Level: IIIA. Vo m/s: ? 325 m/s. All Metal is Protected against Rust
    Our helmet with a weight of 1500 gr. Performs Vo ? 325 m/s. Using a fragmentation simulator 5.56 mm, weight 1.102 +/- 0.02 gr. The helmet shell offers a ballistic protection level of Vo ? 620 m/s using MIL STD 662.E.
  • Protection Level : IIIA (3A). Color – Black, Weight only ~1.35 Kg. Offers Protection Against Bullets Fragments of Explosive Ammunition and Sharp Cold Weapons. Level 3A NIJ 01.01.04.
  • The Helmet HAGOR-BH01 offers protection against fragments and bullets of explosive ammunition, bombs and sharp and cold weapons.


Officer Swat Military Tactical Vest Cordura Combat Harness Distributed-Load System Size S Small Israel Defence Force TestedTactical Vest - Bodyguard Gear

  • The Vest Front: 4 Extra-size magazine pouches (for longer than standard sized magazines) / 4 grenade pouches / 4 Flare / sticklight / flashlight pouches / GPS / Compass pouch / Medium size first-aid / general utility side pouch / Knife holder
  • Made of Mil-Spec. water repellent treated Cordura nylon. Fully padded, removable pads, abdominal and lower-back padding. Fully adjustable, sides and shoulders. Olive-Drab color.
  • The Vest Back: Large upper-back pouch with inner radio/communication holder and velcro closure passages / Hidden flat compartment between back and upper pouch / Rope pouch / 2 lower-back pouchs (for hydration bag, general utility pouch)
  • Shoulder suspension and cushioned waist best assembly. All tactical vests of Hagor are designed for heavy load carrying and quick draw of all equipment. The functional and ergonomic design allows for load bearing, maximal mobility and combat readiness at IDF (Israel army) tactical heavy-load vest, this is the real, genuine standard infantry issue, made of the finest materials and will last heavy abuse for years. Thicker mag-pouches flaps with quick-pull leads, double stitching, extra grade velcro.



Kevlar Vest (Black) Bullet Proof Body Armor V.I.P. Protection Level 3A (IIIA)kevlar vest - Bodyguard Gear

  • Adjustable with Velcro-Straps at 4 different points. Easy to wear. Will fit under business suit or sport clothing. Package includes a Carrying Bag.
  • Specially made Compartments provides the ability to add armor plates for better protection. Comes with 5 years manufacturer Warranty.
  • Light Weight Concealed vest – Only 4.3lbs / 2.1Kg. Level 3A NIJ 01.01.04. Level 3A Bulletproof Protection (NIJ Certified, NIJ Standard-0101.06).
  • Technical specification – Bulletproof Vest. Ballistic area: Front – 0.42m2. Back – 0.35m2. Basic protection: Level III-A. Stops: 9mm + Magnum or protect from ricochet . Weight: Approximately 2.1kg. Color: Black. Use: Army, Civilian and Security/Body Guard
  • Manufactured in Israel. Shipped from Israel. Please allow 14 to 21 business to arrive (90 percent of the time will arrive even earlier).



Top 10 Bodyguard Gear You Couldn’t Live Without

Top 10 Bodyguard Gear You Couldn’t Live Without

bodyguard gearWatching Hollywood movies may have lots of impact on the way most of us think. Things might actually seem easy than they actually are in real life and this is quite a problem because it gives some people the self confidence that won’t help them anywhere. You might find that a certain bodyguard has the ability to take care of his/her clients without needing any extra “toys” or bodyguard gear and this is quite difficult if you think about it. Personal protection involves a lot of things that have to be considered so that the person who’s being protected can be entirely safe and this can be impossible if a bodyguard lacks certain tools that will aid this type of protection. True, there are many types of high tech devices out there that can ensure protection to anyone but there are those that one can’t do without and these include tools such as wireless earpieces, lightweight and portable firearms, body armour, tactical knives, handcuffs, metal detectors, stun guns, pepper spray, expandable batons and a flash light. Most of them might seem like ordinary tools that won’t have a lot of impact but yet again, only security officers know their importance. Let’s thus look at each of these pieces of bodyguard gear and how they aid in bodyguarding.

An earpiece communication device is one that is placed strategically on a bodyguard’s ear and it allows him to receive messages as well as send messages to other bodyguards who are working towards the same achievement. Nowadays these earpieces have become wireless and tinier such that bodyguards can place them in their ears without lots of people knowing that communication devices are in use. They are particularly important because of the communication services that they offer. Without communication it would be almost impossible to have a team of bodyguards that can assure you safety.

Leaving communication devices, one of the most important tools that almost all personal protection officers should have is a firearm. They vary in sizes and also in the effectiveness. There are firearms which can only be used for short ranges while others can be used for long distances. Most bodyguards always carry small and lightweight guns which will easily go unnoticed and prevent them from getting bored of having to carry heavy guns each and every time they are out there protecting someone. They thus have compact semi-automatic pistols in most cases and this comes along with a 32 calibre pocket pistol backup gun with a concealment holster. Unlike communication devices, firearms are only used when threat has been detected and if someone has opened fire already.

Body armour is also another important gear that personal protection officers should have all the time because it is rather difficult to predict whether there will be an attack on both you and the person that you are protecting. There are various types of body armour with different strengths. One should thus be aware of the type of threat that they should expect in various places. For example, for a place with a high number of robberies, (.22R; 380ACP) body armour might be enough. Basically, the numbers and letters in this specification indicate the type of bullet that the armour can protect against and the maximum speed of the bullet that it can protect one from.

Tactical knives aren’t new and in fact most civilians have them too. They are basically knives which have been carefully concealed such that it is difficult to notice that they are actually knives. They might be mistaken for things such as cigars when in reality they are knives. They have various uses to people who know how to use them. If someone has been tied up somewhere, it would be quite unprofessional to start looking for tools to untie the person. Besides using them for untying, they can also be used as protection devices in case one doesn’t have firearms. Though they are used for many things, most of the time you won’t notice them when they aren’t in use.

Unlike what you might already be thinking about, not only cops have handcuffs. You’ll find lots of security officers with them even in the mall but the only difference is that some can be used more than once while others are just to be used once. This type of handcuff thus comes with less weight which makes it portable and convenient to use. They are mostly used when culprits need to be prevented from either escaping or causing more disorder. Bodyguards should always have them just in case they have to keep a suspect in custody.

Metal detectors can be used in several places for example before entering into a building; most people are usually searched so that any metallic objects such as guns and firearms can be confiscated so as to ensure the protection of everyone. Agents and bodyguards won’t have to worry about this since they are authorised to have them. They can be used to ensure more safety by checking vehicles for any attached devices such as explosives or tracking devices. Most of the time, VIP protection involves this kind of security.

Stung guns and pepper sprays serve almost the same purpose because they sort of weaken the threat by either disrupting the threat’s nervous system so that he/she can’t move or temporarily making the threat to pass out. Pepper sprays can be used when there are several people but stun guns can only be used for one or two people at most.

Expandable batons are usually for law enforcement and since they can conveniently be kept by bodyguards, they ensure more security besides making the life of the bodyguard safer. Flash light come last because they are only important in cases where there’s not much light. Despite this fact, they are still important and they can actually be embedded in other devices such as the expandable batons or on the tactical knives.

All in all, not every tool that we’ve looked at will be required in the day to day tasks but in most cases, they will be essentially important.


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