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How Do I Become an Armed Bodyguard?

How do I become an armed bodyguard?

become an armed bodyguardFor such a question to be of interest to you, it must mean that you at least know that armed bodyguards are personal protection officers who protect their clients from threats such as assaults and kidnapping. Their work basically involves assessing threats, finding out the best routes to use so that lots of efforts won’t be required to protect the clients and ways in which they can manage to flee away the clients if need arises. The main difference with armed bodyguards and other types of bodyguard such as celebrity bodyguards is that armed bodyguards have the right to own and use firearms if need arises. Most of the time, it will be almost impossible to notice the firearms because in addition to being small they are also light and effective. Armed bodyguards in most cases will do almost the same task as normal bodyguards but they do have an added advantage when it comes to protection. So, how do you become an armed bodyguard? Well, it does require some bit of devotion especially if you’ve never been in any law enforcement agency.

Take the initiative

Before even thinking about enrolling to be an armed bodyguard, you should know that to be a personal protection officer, you’ll need to have exceptional skills in fields such as professional driving, martial arts and survival skills. For you to have an upper hand, you therefore have to take the imitative and decide to go ahead and teach yourself these skills. You can do this by heading out to the several institutions that offer these services. For example, currently there are thousands of places in the U.S where you can teach yourself taekwondo and karate. This applies to whether you simply want to be an armed bodyguard who works domestically or one who works overseas. For you to be considered to work overseas, you have to do more than just ensure that you are good at karate and martial arts. You will have to work with various firms in more than one place around the globe so that you will have some experience in the field. For people who have worked in the military or other law enforcement agencies, it is usually not that difficult to become an armed bodyguard if your records are clean.

Qualifications needed

Just like the qualifications that will help you become a bodyguard, you will also have to prove that you are fit, have perfect health and that you can reason logically. These are just the basic things that usually matter a lot when you want to become an armed personal protection officer but in this case, prior knowledge to the use of firearms will be an added advantage because this will make you skip a whole module that you would have otherwise had to sit for and used extra money on. For people who have a firm grasp on how to use firearms and even have certification that they can use firearms will usually be given first priority when armed bodyguards are being chosen. Using the firearms alone won’t be enough to make you a viable candidate to get the position as an armed bodyguard. There are also rules that have to be put into consideration so that the law will be upheld. There are situations in which one is allowed to use these firearms but even while using them. You are required to aim specific parts of the body so that the person won’t die instantly. This thus shows the importance of the module that covers on the use of firearms.

After making sure that you have most of the qualifications, you’ll now be a worthy candidate for the job. The bodyguard courses that you will find there will have pretty much the same things that you learn when you were doing your own personal training but it would still be important to take keen note of what’s being said because you will be required to sit for an exam at the end of everything. You will thus get the job only if you met the qualifications and if you passed the exams. 15 to 20 days is usually the normal time for bodyguards to learn about what is expected of them but for armed bodyguards, lots of emphasis has to be put on the effective use of firearms and this thus means that more time will be required.

Background information

Besides good grades and excellent skills, your background information will have lots to say when you want to be an armed bodyguard. For you to offer personal protection services, details such as where you are from, your nationality and where you were born will have to be considered especially when you want to become an overseas armed bodyguard. This is because most of the time, the clients will feel safer when someone from their country is the one who has to ensure their safety and it’s easy to understand why. There have been cases where the bodyguards who were expected to take care of their clients were the ones who ended up kidnapping them because they aren’t from the same nation but even though this happens rarely, it shouldn’t hinder one’s decision because one particular country might not have professional personal protection officers that can ensure you safety. You will thus be forced to look for armed bodyguards from other nations.

Previous job experience needed?

As we’ve seen, previous job experience is not all that important when you want to become and armed bodyguard but you will have an advantage over the others. This is because you will need less training in the field and won’t have to waste lots of time being taught the things that you already know. Generally, being an armed bodyguard will usually require you to at least have some knowledge on how to deal with firearms and this will thus require you to at least know one or two things about being a bodyguard first. It will take an awfully longer period if you have no skills at all and want to become an armed bodyguard.


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