Celebrity Bodyguard

celebrity bodyguardIf you follow any kind of celebrity, politician or public figure you’ll notice that when they’re out in public they’re usually accompanied by security guards or celebrity bodyguard.

Sometimes there is just one celebrity bodyguard and sometimes there is a team of them.

Why do you need a Celebrity Bodyguard?

There are people in the world who want to hurt public figures, celebrities and politicians through their own or other agenda. Whether that be physically or mentally. For that reason, many public figures require bodyguard services to secure their safety.

Some bodyguards are ex-military or specialised law-enforcement and a casually described as Close Protection Operators or Close Protection Officers. You may well think that celebrity bodyguards are all muscle and no brains, but you’ll be glad to know these professionals are just that. They know their jobs inside out and have your personal protection as their first priority.

Many don’t need weapons unless they’re in a war torn country. They use their professionalism and training to get by and resolve issues and problems before they become one.

Celebrity Bodyguard Salary

In recent years, a bodyguard salary has gone up depending on who the contract is with and where in the world the contract is taking place. According to a recent study, a bodyguard salary could be anywhere between $38,000 and $120,000 with the average being around $65,000 per year.

The more risky the contract, the more the pay goes up. To get higher paid contracts you do have to be a seasoned protection officer who can deliver the safety required by their celebrity employer.

Reputation is everything within the industry and if you’ve done a good job on one contract then you’re either likely to stay employed with that contractor or passed on to another friend of the celebrity through word of mouth. Some but not all successful operators have started their own private security firms.

Famous Celebrity Bodyguards

There are a few well known celebrity bodyguards who have been on the circuit for a while, they’re almost celebrities themselves.

Reshawn Davis – An active serving security officer and even has his own TV show and owns a clothing line.

Mykola Melnychenko – Retired bodyguard of a Ukrainian President. He defected from his role and country after recording the presidents conversation and released them.

Chuck Zito – Currently retired looking after his own companies. Zito worked as a celebrity bodyguard for Lorna Luft who passed him on to many of her friends in Hollywood thus enabling Zito to setup his own company.

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