ICM Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer

What is an ICM Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer?

physical intervention trainerAn ICM Level 3 physical intervention trainer is a person that, as a door supervisor, is also able to engage in a physical intervention. The course that you will take has to be approved by the Security Industry Authority and by ICM level 3 it means that you can work in the private industry, as a personal protection officer or security officer.

What will my job be as an ICM Level 3?

You will probably work in a crowded facility and your job will be to keep everything safe. You should inspect everybody who enters and make sure that everything is ok and nobody is breaking any laws. You will also settle conflicts and be ready for a physical intervention if one is in order.

What training does the course consist of?

The length of the course varies between three or four days, depending on the organizers. It consists of four classes, each with different things to learn and accents. The first one aims to make you understand when and how you should use a physical intervention and what are the professional and legal implications. It will concentrate on facts like what is the difference between physical intervention and defensive skills, what are restrictive and non restrictive interventions, what are your alternatives when dealing with a conflict, how you should only use physical intervention as a last solution and what are the legal implications.

The second class will teach you how to reduce any physical harm done when you are using a physical intervention. You will learn how important the dynamic risk is and what assessments you should make, what are the risks when using the physical intervention and how to reduce these risks. Also, you will find out about the responsibilities that come along immediately after using a physical intervention and how important it is for you to keep all the information and procedures up to date.

There is another class in which you will learn how to use physical skills without producing any pain and keeping yourself and others safe from an assault. You will learn how to position and how to take the appropriate stance, how to use your skills in order to be protected against blows and evade, different methods to disengage from holds and grabs. Some other important pieces of knowledge acquired after this class would be how to stop a person from assaulting another, how to separate them if they have engaged in a fight and how to be able to be diplomatic, concise and clear when talking to somebody that is involved or with other members of your team.

The last class will aim to teach you the importance of offering support and help after a physical intervention that resulted in an incident and how you should report after using your skills and force.

The assessment will consist of a test in which you will have to say if an affirmation is either true or false, an assessment of your practical skills as well as a portfolio as a piece of evidence.

How much is the training course and where could I take it?         

The price for a training course varies depending on your location and the company that you use. Also, many companies have different prices if you book in advance or on the Internet. You should check out the latest price offers and then choose the one that suits you best. Also, you should know that most companies offer a big discount if more than ten employees of the same firm take the course at the same time. Of course, there is a course fee and an exam fee.

These training courses are available nationwide in many centers. You can find a list of all these centers on the Internet or on the official SIA web site.

What are the outcomes of this course?

After taking this course you will be able to correctly assess the environment in order to reduce any risk when choosing to use a physical intervention. You will be able to conduct a briefing for your team regarding safety issues and make sure that they are all prepared and fit for this physical intervention. Also, you will have to know all the different factors of the environment that could increase or decrease the risk. You should be able to take everything into consideration before proceeding.

After taking this course you should be able to get a job in any facility you would like to, for this diploma is an advantage. You could offer VIP protection, personal protection and so on. There are many options you can choose from, make sure that you fully understand what you must do before applying for them. Make sure that the center of your training is SIA accredited, take your certificate and then choose you dream job.


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