Bodyguard Alarm

bodyguard alarmAs a bodyguard, there may be times when either you or your client require extra personal security and one way you can aid this is by wearing a bodyguard attack alarm.

Personal bodyguard alarm, also known as personal attack alarms are a simple and effective way to protect yourself or your client in the event of an attack or unwanted advances. In case of an emergency, the ear piercing alarm can distract an attacker and draw the attention of passers-by.

Protection from attack

The bodyguard alarm is easy to activate. Simply pull out the security pin and the alarm instantly emits a very loud 100dB sound which can be enough to shock a would-be attacker and to call attention to your predicament.

The alarm offers peace of mind and security for people who may find themselves in hazardous situations, such as night workers, personal bodyguards or celebrity bodyguards.

Bodyguard Alarm which are Compact and lightweight

Designed to clip to bags, belts or pockets, the personal bodyguard alarm is compact and lightweight. It comes in a splashproof casing for durability and dependability. A 12 volt battery is included with the alarm for instant peace of mind. You can feel an extra sense of confidence when you go out with our personal bodyguard alarm.

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